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They’re calling it “Textspresso,” and it’s brought to you from the innovative minds at Zipwhip who have come up with the world’s first, text-enabled espresso machine. Using an Android based phone, anyone can order up a cup of coffee by doing little more than shooting off a simple text message. Once your SMS is sent, the robotic barista whips up a custom cup of coffee and and lets you know when it’s ready by messaging back.

Don’t expect to find one of these Textpresso machines at your local coffee shop tomorrow (the barista from the Samsung ad is safe). This proof-of-concept was little more than Zipwhip showing off their cloud-based SMS technology in a very unique, and beautiful damn cool way (I have a thing for robots). Zipwhip did mention that they would be open sourcing their Textpresso machine in the near future so that anyone can build one of their very own, and arrange in their house or office (margarita machine, please). You can see the Texpresso in action via the video below.

So, what exactly does Zipwhip do when they’re not building fancy expresso robots like this? If their name sounds familiar, Zipwhip is the corporation behind group messaging and cloud texting apps currently found in the Google Play Store from their partnerships with T-Mobile and Sprint (and may have come pre-installed on your Android device). With their latest application for all Android devices, they give a way for users to send and receive text messages from their Android phone, directly on their desktop computer or tablet.

I’ve come across a few solutions like this in the Play Store in the past, but no

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