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It seems Google could be loosing its crown as the King of mapping and navigation soon. Google Maps has been the best of its category for numerous years, and it is a life-saver for mobile devices. Rumors are indicating that Apple has something under its, sleeve, though, and it will “blow your head off.”

9to5Mac and All Things Digital’s sources are indicating that Apple’s multiple mapping corporation acquisitions are finally coming to fruition with the next iteration of iOS. All signs indicate that Apple will be leaving Google Maps behind and introducing a 3D, realistic imaging map service.

This would be a product of one of Apple’s acquired companies, C3 Technologies. Such map application could display your favorite arranges with life-like textures and 3D models. It would be a mixture of Google Maps’ 3D buildings and satellite images, which does seem rather mind-blowing. And we could be seeing more about this during WWDC, or whenever the next version of iOS is announced.

We haven’t heard anything about any possible responses from Google. But this could be the start of a fierce battle between mapping services, as well as yet another competing factor for the never-ending fight between Android and iOS. Do you think this will be next iOS’ “ground-breaking innovation,” much like Siri claimed to be for iOS 5? And if so, is Google Maps in trouble?

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