Week 2 TegraZone Anniversary Contest: Tell us if you’re buying Sonic 4: Episode II, and why | Tech NEWS

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Are you guys ready for the second week’s TegraZone anniversary and Player’s Choice Awards contest courtesy of NVIDIA? We know we are. If you aren’t in the know, NVIDIA’s just hit their one-year anniversary with TegraZone and they’re holding a Player’s Choice Awards! Hit that link to vote, and you can also snap a photo of the QR code directly below.

You’ll get the chance to vote for your favorite games in three categories, including best graphical game, best gameplay, and best overall game. With your vote, you’re entered for a chance to win one of 7 Transformer Pad TF300 prize packs. The pack includes the ASUS Transformer Pad 300, a keyboard dock, a wireless controller and a Jawbone JAMBOX!

If you fear you won’t have much of a chance in that contest, there will be two more chances to win a prize pack with the good folks of Phandroid! The second starts today so you’ll want to read through the derriere for more details.

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