Verizon will not honor grandfathered unlimited data if you upgrade this summer onward | Tech NEWS

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We knew this was coming. When and how, we weren’t sure, but we know it was coming. I’m referring to Verizon’s plan to get rid of unlimited data for those who are grandfathered in. When Verizon originally axed unlimited data they honored standard grandfathered clauses that allowed persons to keep their unlimited data.

Even if you upgraded after that change you were able to keep your data. You can say goodbye to that soon. Verizon Wireless CFO Fran Shammo announced in a conference call that users who wanted to upgrade their phone that’s on a grandfathered data plan from this summer onward would be forced to switch to the tiered and shared data plans that Verizon is looking to introduce.

We assume the policy will be enforced starting on the day those new plans start, but we don’t have a launch window outside of “summer” for those.

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