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Verizon Wireless disclosed in a filing with the Federal Communications Commission that 36 companies have signed non-disclosure agreements concerning the A- and B-Block 700MHz spectrum it has offered as a carrot to the FCC. Verizon will sell the spectrum only if the FCC gives Verizon permission to purchase 122 AWS spectrum licenses from a consortium of cable companies called SpectrumCo. As part of the filing, Verizon also answered some questions the FCC posed regarding the spectrum. Verizon noted that it has attempted to use its Lower A and B Block spectrum, “including RF system design, site construction planning, and discussions with vendors. In all markets covered by these licenses, three phases of the initial RF system design have been completed: identifying cell sites for development, selecting configurations of antennas, and determining center height requirements for the antennas.” Verizon mentioned that it has spoken to equipment providers about acquiring the gear necessary to use the A- and B-Block spectrum. However, Verizon said that the AWS spectrum it wants to acquire would be more complimentary to its lower C-Block 700MHz holdings. It said the A- and B-Block 700MHz spectrum doesn’t pair well with the C-Block 700MHz spectrum it is using for its national LTE 4G network, and has presented technical challenges. The Alliance for Broadband Competition disagrees with Verizon’s assessment. “Verizon fails to mention that the spectrum licenses it seeks to purchase from the cable companies cover the entire nation, while the lower MHz holdings provide only incomplete coverage,” it said in a statement. Verizon warned that if the FCC doesn’t approve its AWS purchase, it will need to completely re-assess its spectrum position.

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