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Verizon Communications CFO Fran Shammo told investors that the company plans to increase prices for its wireless and FiOS home internet services. Speaking at the JP Morgan investor conference earlier this week, Shammo said that the company expects its new shared data plans will result in customers paying more for their services as a whole. “I think revenue ARPU [average revenue per user] will continue to grow as we get into data share plans and people start to connect more devices [on the network]. As they add more devices, they are going to have to buy up into tiers. So again, you will see the revenue increase there.” Shammo’s comments were meant to assuage investors’ concerns about Verizon’s large capital expenditures to build its LTE and fiber networks. Shammo noted that he doesn’t think the price increases will cost Verizon customers, and pointed to the company’s recently implemented upgrade fee. Shammo said Verizon Wireless didn’t see “any impact from a customer base from that fee. So that was the right thing to do.” Shammo didn’t specify which fees might be increased, not when they might be raised.

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