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After months and months of waiting, could Galaxy Nexus users finally be getting the sweet taste of Android 4.0.4 tomorrow? A new rumor recommends it could happen. Droid-Life received a series of independent reports, nevertheless, that Verizon workers are pointing users to May 22nd for the elusive update.

It’ll be a much needed update, if true, as the device currently suffers a healthy helping of bugs. While none have entirely broken the experience for those I know with the device, they’re no less irritating. 4.0.4 should clear most of these bugs right up, if true. It’s disheartening that it has been six months since Verizon launched the device and haven’t delivered an update since.

4.0.3 passed us by, and we thought they skipped it to wait on 4.0.4, but the wait for that is a bit long, too. We can’t be too vexed, though: it’s better late than never and hopefully we hear reports of an update rolling in within the next 24 hours.

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