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Verizon Wireless made scathing accusations against competitor MetroPCS in a letter it recently sent to the Federal Communications Commission. According to Verizon, MetroPCS’s attempts to block its bid to acquire 122 AWS spectrum licenses from a consortium of cable companies is nothing more than an attempt to force the FCC to regulate LTE roaming agreements. Verizon said that MetroPCS’s implications that Verizon Wireless is unwilling to negotiate roaming agreements is flat-out incorrect. “MetroPCS and Verizon Wireless have been engaged in roaming discussions, and they exchanged rate proposals last November. Verizon Wireless also offered to extend the negotiations, which had previously focused on voice and EVDO data roaming, to include discussions toward an LTE roaming agreement. In February, Verizon Wireless sent MetroPCS a revised offer and attempted to contact MetroPCS to continue negotiations, but until this week MetroPCS had not responded. It appears that MetroPCS has decided to try to wring conditions out of the regulatory process rather than negotiate commercial arrangements.” Verizon’s AWS spectrum acquisition has met with resistance from a number of companies in the wireless industry and is currently undergoing federal review.

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