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As you become rich your dreams will also become high. You will plan to buy the most expensive automobile, buy luxury goods, make holiday trips to exotic arranges…and the list will go on. But how numerous of you will think to share your portion of luxury and comfort to those homeless, hungry and needy multiple. Very few actually…Let us list the top ten richest Philanthropists who gave away mammoth amounts to charities, scientific research and various other social causes.

1. George Soros

Amount Donated in 2010: 2 Million
Net Worth: Billion
Beneficiary: Open Society Foundations
Soros is the founder of Open Society Foundations, a society that stands for the equality in political, legal and economic computers and fights for the fundamental rights. Soros is also a financer, investor and the chairman of the Soros Fund Management. Hellos money doesn’t blind hellos eyes and is well cognizant of hellos role as a social worker.

2. Michael R. Bloomberg

Amount Donated in 2010: 9.2 Million
Net Worth: .5 Billion
Beneficiaries: Arts, Human Services, Public affairs and other Groups
Bloomberg is a great philanthropist as well as a business mammoth. He is the founder of Bloomberg L.P. and the Mayor of New York City. Michael R. Bloomberg contributed a sum of 9.2 million for 970 different nonprofit groups in 2010. He had donated 0 million for charity purposes in 2004 which made him appear in the Philanthropy list of the year.

3. T. Denny Sanford

Amount Donated in 2010: 2.5 Million
Net Worth: 0 Million
Beneficiaries: Sanford-Burnham Medical Research Institute, Sanford Health Foundation and the Florida Hospital for Children.
Sanford, a great business man and a philanthropist, is the chairman and CEO of United National Company. In 2007, he donated 0 million to Sioux Valley Hospit

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