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A job where you can express your creativity and outpour your personality is a dream. Only if you get a job which can be done with much love and passion will you be happy and content in life. The real skill is not in doing a job technically perfect rather it is in doing a job with much passion and creativity. Doing a job with a burning desire is much better than doing a job with a mechanical perfection.

I don’t know what your coolest job is but I am sure you will all agree that these are the eight most desired jobs on earth:

1. Paradise island caretaker: First in the list is Ben Southall of 34 who was assigned to explore the luxurious side ofHamiltonIsland in theGreat Barrier Reef. After studying the natural comfort and sweetie of the Island by swimming and relaxing there for six months he was supposed to write a blog to promote theIsland. Out of 35,000 applicants he was selected with a pay of 1,000. He has to live in a rent-free three-bedroom villa surrounded with pool. As a trial he was asked to stay there in theIsland for four days and snorkel through the sapphire glowing water, amuse himself at a beachside barbecue and enjoy a spa. This dreamy job is not only popular inAustralia but also inThailand. In order to promote their country, theThailand tourism is looking for couples who can travel to and write aboutThailand. The selected five couples can win some awards besides enjoyingThailand free of expense.

2. Luxury bed tester: A student from Birmingham City University has entered a job at which sleeping or relaxing in bed while working will not be an issue at all. This attractive girl has been selected to test luxury beds for a month. She has joined the “sleeping survey” conducted by the luxury bed specialists Simon Horn Ltd which sells luxury Savoir Beds, originally made for the Savoy Hotel. She starts her job at 10 am by lying on top of the beds and ends at 6pm. The beds ranging from ,000 to ,500 are displayed at corporation’s showroom in Edgbaston.

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