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The Next Web has reported that the Thailand government has inked a deal that would see them carry out the widest educational tablet deployment to date. They will be purchasing 400,000 Android 4.0 tablets from Shenzhen Scope at a pop. They might even purchase another 530,000 tablets, bringing the total spend to .7 million.

Fortunately, instead of purchasing crap like the Indian government did, they’ve focused on ensuring the hardware in the tablet would actually be usable. The Scopad SP0712 tablet runs Ice Cream Sandwich, has a 7 inch screen (as expected), 8 GB of storage, 1 GB RAM and GPS. Shenzhen Scope is bullish that they could attract deals with governments from other countries, too.

“Thailand is the first country in which we have provided large numbers of tablets for students. Now we are talking with other governments to provide this kind of tablet device for [other] students, including Pakistan, Brazil and South Africa,” chairman Liu Jun said.

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