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Up until recently, the Google Play Store only supported carrier billing for applications and games. When Google added music, movies, and books to the Play Store they didn’t bring that functionality over. They finally announced its development last month, but no carriers were on board with carrier billing with those pieces of media.

That changes today, though, as Google announced on Google+ that Sprint has become one of the first carriers to sport the functionality. It’s no surprise they are the first considering their longstanding and fruitful relationship with Google.

They were the first (and are still the only) to bring Google Wallet, and they were the first (and are still the only) to bring Google Voice carrier integration.

We’re sure AT&T and T-Mobile will jump on board for widespread carrier billing before too long, but for now Sprint customers are an exclusive crowd of those who can get anything the Google Play Store has to offer without having to pay for it until they pay for their monthly bill.

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