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It’s fine much a given that the Samsung Galaxy S3 will be arriving on all 4 major carriers in the US in some form or another. I guess the big question is exactly which “form” or — how numerous cores, rather — can we expect to see the device launch with stateside? Well, when it comes to Sprint, a user agent profile may have the answer to that.

PocketNow was able to dig up this UA string showing a mysterious device running on Sprint and their all new LTE network with the codename SPH-L710. From the listed specs, the device shares numerous of the same specs as the worldwide Samsung Galaxy S3 (GT-I9300) with only with one small difference… the inclusion of Qualcomm’s dual-core S4 processor. What’s fascinating is the profile is also showing 16GB of internal memory but, can support up to 64GB of micro SD storage.

In case you were keeping track, the US score board is now showing Verizon and Sprint, possibly becoming house to the dual-core variant of the Galaxy S3. Things aren’t looking so cute for AT&T and T-Mobile. I guess the real winner in this is Qualcomm who, honestly, makes one helluva dual-core. What say you? Disappointed? Or are the amount of cores even an issue to you?

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