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Android has skyrocketed and now owns most of the mobile market, but Google has been having a much harder time trying to boost Google TV’s success. This is mostly because the platform is fairly new, and still considered beta, even though Google TV 2.0 has brought major improvements. But the Search Gigantic is not giving up, and is still trying to improve Google TV.

Sony and the Google TV team have put together a meetup in Palo Alto, CA. This event is meant to be an introduction to the next-generation of Sony Google TV products, as well as a discussion about the platform. A friend of Phandroid is at the event, so we have some great content for you.

The discussion panel mostly focused on the nature and future of Google TV (which the representatives couldn’t say much about), as well as Sony’s large interaction with it. And it seems such will continue to be the case, as the highlight of the event was a non-working prototype of a new Sony set top. The new Google TV box comes with a new-generation remote, which is much different compared to the one we have seen from Sony in the past.

Not much is known about this new device’s specs, but we were able to see how it looks. The new Sony remote is a double sided device with a keyboard on one side and a track pad and o

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