Samsung wants to set a 2GB RAM standard, begins mass-producing 4-gigabit LPDDR2 chips | Tech NEWS

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The version of the Galaxy S III headed to Japan’s NTT DoCoMo is just the beginning when it comes to smartphone’s chock full of RAM. That is Samsung’s hope, anyway. The corporation started making low-power 2GB memory modules for mobile devices last year and is now kicking the chips into mass production. The outlook is that an economy of scale will play into Samsung’s favor and drive down expense enough that its 4 gigabit LPDDR2 chips will become a standard component in high-end smartphones by the end of 2013.

The RAM is based on a 20-nanometer process, making it small enough to fit comfortably in today’ ever-shrinking smartphones. The new modules should be equal if not surpass the efficiency of currently obtainable components while chugging along at 1,066Mbps. It isn’t clear if the chip is the specific model being used in the Japanese GS3 variant, but it seems likely. Even if Samsung’s new RAM doesn’t become the go-to solution for manufacturers, it’s safe to say that 2GB is the next frontier.

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