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Over the weekend the Samsung Galaxy S III’s official firmware was ripped from the device and made obtainable to all, bringing along goodies such as an installable APK for the handset’s S Voice features. S Voice is Samsung’s take on voice interactions in the style of the iPhone’s Siri, so numerous users were excited to check out the software. Hopefully you had a chance, because Samsung has blocked access to its S Voice servers for devices other than the GS3.

The ripped APK was apparently running beautiful on most Ice Cream Sandwich phones (such as the Galaxy Nexus) without any demand for modification, but there is no way to mask device info being sent to S Voice’s Vlingo-hosted servers. Rooted users have been able to alter their build.prop files to spoof the server into thinking the device in questions is a Galaxy S III , but expect Samsung to continue to do its best to hold S Voice exclusive to the phone for the time being.

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