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A few days ago, the forums were abuzz about Samsung’s leaked S Voice app pulled from a Galaxy S3 ROM. The app, which was essentially a retooled version of Vlingo, was installable on the Galaxy Nexus, allowing users to take it for a test drive. Samsung speedily got word and pulled the plug on the application (although a rapid build.prop edit got things working again). Today, the told The Verge exactly why they acted so swiftly, apparently it had everything to do with their reputation and the fact that S Voice was still in its testing phases, not yet ready for prime-time. Samsung said,

“An initial test version of S Voice which was found online has been blocked as Samsung Electronics does not want consumers to judge the quality of the voice feature based on a test version. When the product is launched, users of GALAXY S III will be able to fully experience S Voice.”

You may have noticed Samsung’s emphasis on the fact that Galaxy S III users will be able to enjoy the application. Doesn’t look like they like the idea of the app running anywhere else but that’s never stopped the Android modding neighborhood before.

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