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Divine on the heels about that upcoming Samsung Galaxy S3? We are sure numerous of you are, and if you demand something else to get excited about, Samsung has just released a set of images displaying some of the flagship’s official accessories. These include a “C-Pen” stylus, a lovely flip-cover case, a holder (and extra battery charger) and the WiFi Display Hub.

You may notice that the Wireless Charging Kit is missing, which does not come as a surprise to us. The accessory is rumored to be delayed, and it could launch as late as 4 months after the device’s release. But the rest of the accessories seem very neat and convenient.

The C-Pen looks rather bulky, but we suppose Samsung has its reasons. It would have been great if it was more like the Galaxy Note’s, and it could fit comfortably in the official case. Because no matter how large the stylus is, we will be losing it.

The holder doubles as a stand and an external battery charger. And if you want to display your content in the larger screen, the WiFi Display Hub will let you output all your media via HDMI.

Samsung has really gone all out with this device’s accessories. Surely, the experience should be very fun. We only have a few weeks until the device is gl

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