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Apple isn’t the only retailer to put iPads in its window displays. Saks Fifth Avenue also has a window full of iPads, though not to advertise the tablet. Instead, the company is using iPads and Apple Cinema Displays to promote haute couture.

Saks has partnered with to celebrate Fashion’s Night Out with the unique window display at its flagship Fifth Avenue location, just up the street from Apple’s Fifth Ave. cube.

The window displays, designed, developed and built by Gin Lane Media, feature 64 iPad 2s in one center window, and nine Cinema Displays in each of two side windows. The company wrote custom software for the installation, and Dan Kenger, Digital Creative Director for Gin Lane says that the iPads are linked together via a local network. “We are able to get all the iPads to talk to each other as well as perfect the timing to produce elegant fades and control what device should display what.”

Hat tip to The Loop.

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