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A new racing game called Road Warrior is causing a ruckus in the Android Market. Developed by MobJoy and published by “Top Free Apps and Games,” Road Warrior is just as much about racing, as it is about mayhem. The premise is simple. Race. Shoot. And make money.

Like Mario Kart but in a dirty, post-apocalyptic setting, players outfit various hoop-rides — everything from sedans to trucks — with weapons upgrades they can use to eliminate the competition. But that’s not all. Using physics based gameplay, players can perform stunts while soaring through the air for added bonus points and even nitrous used to give you an edge over the competition.

Features include:

  • Execute perfect flips to gain coins and nitro boosts.
  • Multiple car options from sedans to massive trucks!
  • Beat bosses and get their extremely tuned racing & killing machines
  • Explore and discover multiple tracks. There are many paths within a single track. There’s always a best strategy for each car!
  • Upgrade your car with guns and other add-ons using our car builder.
  • Precise controls and amazing physics.
  • Realistic and impressive HD graphics!

Road Warrior has proven itself extremely successful on iOS gaining over 2 million users and counting. If you hurry, Road Warrior can be downloaded for absolutely free in the Android Market but only for a limited time.

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