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Research In Motion is preparing another round of layoffs, according to sources cited by the Globe and Mail. The forthcoming layoffs will stretch across the entire company, including both senior level managers and rank-and-file employees in RIM’s legal, human resources, finance, sales, and marketing divisions. The total number of employees to be affected is about 2,000. RIM reduced its headcount by about 2,000 workers a year ago. It currently employees 16,500 workers. RIM declined to comment on the Globe and Mail’s story, though it pointed out comments made by CEO Thorsten Heins earlier this year when he said the company would “focus on operating metrics and efficiency.” The Globe and Mail’s sources also noted that RIM has been laying employees off quietly for several months. The new layoff announcement is expected to come before June 1. Earlier this week, RIM’s long-time sales head Patrick Spence left the company after a tenure of 14 years.

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