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Someone on Tumblr randomly posted the above image and a couple of sites ran wild with it. It’s supposed to be the Nexus Prime’s front, simulated screen image and all. There are two things to consider. Firstly, the profile shot is upside down. The power button is supposed to be at the top and the hump is supposed to be at the backside. Unless Samsung has chosen to go with some radical new design that’s ergonomically inefficient, we’re raising the BS flag.

Secondly, the right shot looks like it was painted in there – doesn’t look like part of the image at all. If you look at the edges of each shot, you’ll see that the side profile shot has smooth and consistent edges. The right shot simply does not. We don’t know what mystery device that’s supposed to be, but we’re going to go ahead and say no sale here. I must admit, though – that rendition of what we believe Ice Cream Sandwich to look like does look attractive. [via Android Activist, Thanks Cullen!]

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