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Those who opt out of using T-Mobile tablets, hotspots, and USB modems on-contract will be happy to know that T-Mobile has introduced some great new data packages. For you can get a one week pass with 300MB of bandwidth. Another will get you 1.5GB for a month, will get you 3.5GB for a month, and will get you 5GB for a month. With the way data rates are these days I’d see this is a delightful attractive tier. The passes launch this Sunday so be sure to stop by your local Magenta store or head online to get going. Read on for full press details.

T-Mobile USA, Inc. today announced that its new, flexible and worry-free No Annual Contract mobile broadband service passes will debut May 20, making it easier for customers to enjoy access to high-speed Internet on the go whenever they want. With T-Mobile’s new, more inexpensive No Annual Contract data passes, customers can experience T-Mobile’s blazing-swift 4G network speeds across a variety of mobile broadband devices including tablets, mobile hotspots and laptop sticks – with no strings attached.

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