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The boys over at Pocketnow have been poking around some EXIF data and discovered a new device popping up in some of the pics. Something being called the Motorola DROID RAZRMAX. I know what you’re thinking — there’s no way there could already be an update in the processs so soon after the original’s release. Well, tell that to Droid 3, Bionic and Droid X users who saw (and are seeing) sequels to those devices a few short months after they were released. Keep up. Motorola and Verizon move fast around here.

So what could this device be? Well, there’s no saying for sure. Some are speculating that it could be little more than a slightly thicker DROID RAZR with a higher capacity battery given someone’s chat with a Verizon employee confirming the device. I propose — given the current trend of HD displays — we could be looking at that Chinese RAZR that was leaked a few weeks back with a 720p screen. “Max resolution?”

For all the DROID RAZR owners out there, would you be upset if a newer version of your device was released in a few short months? I, however, prefer to see the glass as half full. I mean, would you rather be on a carrier who releases new/updated devices once a year?

[Via Motorola Spyder (Droid RAZR) and XOOM 2 Captured in the Wild | Tech NEWS

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