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It looks like another build for the Motorola DROID BIONIC has leaked. It’s not Ice Cream Sandwich, but it is yet another update that should make the device that much smoother. And we’re sure these updates are all preparing the phone for the transition to Android 4.0 before too long. Users should be happy that this phone is getting the complaisance it gets considering how bad it was when it first launched.

The DROID Bionic has evolved into a very stable phone over time, though, and it can still go toe to toe with numerous of Verizon’s current devices. In any case, you can go ahead and flash this update if you want. It’s build 5.9.905 but it requires .902 to correctly flash. Find an SBF file that will take you back to .902 here, and advices and download links for the leaked .905 build are here. [via Droid-Life]

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