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Today being Mother’s Day, I couldn’t help but look back and think of the role my mom has played in my life so far. It’s kind of difficult not to when persons keep sharing this fetching P&G advertisement on Facebook.

Sure, I might not be an Olympian, but to her I’m running a different race that holds as much importance. We spend a multiple of time together, often play golf together, and she’s one of the first persons I share anything I create with. More often than not, she doesn’t fit the target demographic, but her approval, and more importantly the excitement she has provides me a whole multiple of encouragement.

Going against the usual “iOS is more user-friendly” cliche thrown around the web, my mom actually prefers Android. In fact, a few weeks ago somebody brought their new iPad over to have me set up a few things. As an experiment, I opened Google on both the iPad and my Galaxy Tab 10.1, and gave them to my mom asking her to tell me which she preferred.

The Galaxy Tab won, hands down. No over-heating, brighter screen and settings in the notification area were the primary reasons. One of the primary reasons I want to buy a new phone is so I can pass on my current myTouch 4G to her, so that she’s no longer infuriated with her iPhone 3G (which was given to her by my sister, who has horrible taste in phones).

I often spend time just watching her use my tablet since it provides me some vital knowledge in understanding how persons who aren’t as technologically cognizant as us interact with the device. She found her comfort zone very quick, learning pinch-to-zoom on her own, and even sometimes puts on YouTube while working in the kitchen.

My gift to her on this day? Besides taking her out to dinner, I’ve decided to add her Google account to my tablet, so she can easily read her mails in the app instead of opening the browser. So far, I hadn’t because I didn’t want to keep getting not

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