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Aditya Divakaran

Are you on a hunt to find an alternative to Outlook, the popular most business email client? With Outlook Exchange server being the unique addictive factor about the Microsoft widget, numerous other email clients compatible to the Exchange can be an ideal substitute. Other perks like calendars and contacts also can be found on the alternatives. You could find some of the best options listed below.


This one is famous among the email clients, and employs the expertise of Firefox, along with much number of add-ons, migration assistants, address book, reminder and improved security features. Thunderbird is also reputed for its sturdiness and cross platform talent. More importantly it is allowed to connect to Exchange and have a friendly UI.

eM Client

This one is fully compatible with any Windows OS’s from XP and later. eM is linkable to third-party POP/IMAP servers like Hotmail, Yahoo, and Gmail. It can import from other email clients and has a calendar feature capable of synchronizing with a Gmail calendar or even a mobile device. Easy navigation, taggable messages, and its all-Sync capability, make you turn a blind eye to its non compatibility with the Exchange server.

Zimbra Desktop

Zimbra provides a unique PC email client service though Exchange connection is not virtually allowed.  Zimbra has allowed linking with a host of other services including the new generation networks like Facebook and Twitter. It can also be connected to other third party email hosts like Hotmail, Gmail, and Yahoo. It’s a powerful tool once you get used to its UI.

Pegasus Mail

Pegasus has the advantage

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