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Isis today announced that a wide range of local merchants in the Austin, Texas, and Salt Lake City, Utah, markets have agreed to offer its NFC-based mobile payment service. Austin and Salt Lake City are the two launch markets for Isis, which is a joint venture between AT&T, T-Mobile USA, and Verizon Wireless. Isis has already signed agreements with national retailers such as Champs, Dillard’s, Foot Locker, Jamba Juice, and Macy’s. Isis claims that its mobile payment service will be available at hundreds of locations within its Austin and Salt Lake City at launch. Customers in those markets will be able to walk into an AT&T, T-Mobile or Verizon store, pick from several NFC-enabled devices, and walk out with the Isis Mobile Wallet enabled and ready to use. Isis is competing with other mobile payment options, such as Google Wallet.

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