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This is going to sounds a little crazy but — one of the reasons I don’t fuss around with earbuds is simply because of how gosh-dang easy those things tangle up in my pockets. Seriously. It drives me crazy! I’ve never been one for puzzles and trying to untangle those things is is enough to make me convert primarily to using the speaker on my phone. Thankfully, I came across Sinch which just might get me using my headphones again.

As you can see, Sinch aims at keeping your life tangle free with this simple, “why-didn’t-I-think-of-that” accessory that attaches to your existing smartphone, MP3 player or whatever. Simply wind up your cord and Sinch snaps into place thanks to powerful magnets found on both ends. Its clever design is owed in part to frog who apparently had something to do with Imerj’s dual-screened Android powered smartphone we saw not too long ago. If you like what you see, you can grab your own Sinch in either black or white varieties from their site here for .99.

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