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Originally created for smartphone users who are firm of hearing, Kyocera showed off their new “bone conduction” technology at CTIA and it could make a established speaker earpiece obsolete. This new tech was shown off in a Kyocera demo unit and essentially uses a vibrating display to rattle the skin and bones of its user, creating perceived audible sound waves. This new tech is especially useful when a user is in a noisy environment, like a concert or event, where a regular earpiece just wouldn’t cut it.

I know, it sounds weird but apparently it processs well enough for Kyocera to green light the tech in future devices, though, no word on when we can expect those. New technology isn’t exactly new territory for Kyocera. You may remember that it was only last year the corporation released the world’s first dual-screened Android phone, that, although great in theory, wasn’t exactly well received from consumers or developers.

What do you guys think? Supposedly, the results are fantastic for those that have tried it, although, I think OEM’s and carriers should keep the focus on HD voice to improve audio quality in devices than just good vibrations.

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