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While we as users often revel in the growth of the Android Market/Google Play, proudly stating the 450,000+ apps accessible as a feature that no other platform, other than iOS, comes close to, the disadvantage to this is the competition developers face to get their apps to the audience they deserve.

While there isn’t quite anything that drives downloads as getting featured, in whatever capacity, on the Store, you need to get noticed by the editorial team handling the Store in the first place. This isn’t much of a problem for larger brands, or the ‘Top Developers’, who have interacted with employees at Google, but for indie developers, especially those that have just started out on the platform, it can be quite an irritating process.

Nevertheless, there are other ways you can bring in a essential user base, and one very obvious one that I’m going to discuss here: pitch your apps to us.

I have been exceptionally fortunate to have had my latest app featured on the XDA-Developers’ Portal. Despite the general lack of interaction on the portal, when compared to the colossal user-base on their forums, and the fact that the link to the app is only obtainable inside the forum thread, my moment in the sun proved to be a mammoth boon. And I really want to share my experience with you to discuss exactly how much I’ve gained.

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