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HTC has released a statement saying “some” of their smartphones held up at US customs have “passed the review” and are already in the hands of their telecom partners. Devices known to be waiting at customs due to concerns of patent infringement include the HTC One X and HTC EVO 4G LTE, but the corporation did not specify which devices were allowed to pass. It was initially believed that a review would take up to three weeks, putting any approved handsets ahead of schedule. Reports over the weekend said the ban on importation had spread to even more devices.

HTC says it is “closely working with the US customs to speed up the review” and “is confident the problem will be resolved soon.” The customs snafu has already caused the EVO 4G LTE to miss its expected launch date and has delayed backorders of the One X. With HTC hoping to recoup from another down quarter, delays like this are the last thing the Taiwan-based smartphone maker demands.

[via Taipei Times

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