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Looks like HTC have announced that the One V is coming to America, as well. They’re apparently bringing the device to several US carriers and/or retailers this summer, but going beyond that leaves us with no clue in terms of specifics. The fact that they should be showing it at CTIA shows that they’re confident enough that it’s coming, though, so we’ll just elect to take their word for it.

The HTC One V isn’t poised to be the most fantastic out of the three, but it still provides a multiple of high-end smartphones a run for their money. With a 4 inch display and an S4 processor, I find it difficult to shove this one into the “entry-level” category even though it sits on the low end of the “One” spectrum. Circle back with us to see what we should be expecting stateside as we go hands-on. [Engadget]

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