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iPad is one of the most latest and updated technology designed by Apple. It is called as a tablet computer because it has the skill to perform manys of processs similar to the laptop or desktop computer. We can install and use different kinds of complex software’s in iPad. For example, some word-processing applications available for the iPad permit you to make entire text or documents. At what time you are making and editing texts and documents, you will demand to use the clipboard in order to cut, paste and copy info. Read below steps very carefully in order to use clipboard on your iPad.

Step 1: In the first step, you demand to click on any document or text area to insert the pointer and launch the on-screen keyboard.

Step 2: Hold your fingers down on document or text you wish to copy or cut. Utilize the magnifying glass in order to ensure the pointer is at the right arrange, and then take away your fingers from cursor.

Step 3: Click the “Select” button, after that move the 2 edges of the highlighting around also arrange them in order to highlight the document or text you wish to copy or cut.

Step 4: Click in the highlighted text or document and select “Copy” or “Cut.” Choosing “Cut” will delete the text or document and then will copy it to the clipboard; choosing “Copy” you can copy the text or document to the clipboard without deleting it.

Step 5: In this step, you demand to paste the clipboard document or text by clicking on the position you wish to paste it. Click the “Paste” button. Then your clipboard document or text is pasted onto the display. This whole process is very easy if you able to understand these steps.

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