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Android newcomers might not remember this, but Samsung actually announced the Samsung Galaxy Beam 2 years ago, at MWC 2010. It silently faded into the night with not much news or fanfare, but it’s made a triumphant return in 2012, being announced alongside the Galaxy Note 10.1, Galaxy S WiFi 4.1, and Galaxy Tab 2 series.

The Samsung Galaxy Beam projector is created for use up to 50-inches away. As you can see in the video above, even under mediocre (at best) lighting conditions, the Beam projector displayed clear and bright with it’s “ultra bright 15-lumens” pico projector.. It was fetching spectacular, actually. Geometry and logic would tell you that the further you get from the display surface, the larger (and more grainy) the image. At about 3-feet away the Beam offered a fetching big image at very good quality, all things considered.

How often do you want to show a video, game, picture, website, or any other type of content to friends or family? How irritating is it to crowd around one tiny device? I picture the Samsung Beam being used most often in this social type of “you gotta see this” scenario, but with the skill to project for up to 3 hours on one charge (2000 mAh battery), it’s perfectly capable of being used to watch television shows or movies for personal use. Or group use (road trip anybody?).

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