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I have to admit, I was more than a bit skeptical after reading the latest rumor to come out of net. Only because it sounds more like a BGR “Breaksclusive” than anything but after reading it over… it actually makes a bit of sense.

TalkAndroid is reporting from an anonymous source that Google is preparing to release 5 Nexus devices directly from the Play Store, with news that they will launch on November 5th. In some ways, it kinda makes sense. On November 5th, 2012, Android will officially turn 5 years old. It seems only fitting that Google would want to celebrate the whole shindig by turning the mobile world upside down.

Of course, take all of this as nothing more than the finest grain of salt. The rumor mill has definitely been churning with whisperings that Google will be releasing multiple Nexus devices, partnering with multiple manufacturers so this could be nothing more than an educated guess. We expect Google to reveal more details at this year’s Google I/O, in which we’ll be on hand at the event, bringing you the very latest (and giving away some cool stuff) as it happens.

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