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Yesterday, Google took the lid off of their all new and improved Google Music featuring music you can purchase from the Market and share with your friends. There was however, one piece of Google’s puzzle missing — Google TV. You can purchase and stream music from the web or your Android device and now after the long wait, I am pleased to inform you that Google Music is now finally available for Google TV.

This complete circle of integration no doubt comes as welcomed news for Google TV owners that have a hefty entertainment computer, just waiting to take advantage of your music collection. Since the Google Music app runs in the background, you can surf the web or watch a photo slideshow, all while listening to Justin Bieber’s Christmas album at full volume. Google has even promised, via their blog, that they will continue offering support to Google TV with future updates to Google Music as well as more apps in the pipeline, coming soon to the platform. And that my friends, is music to my ears.

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