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The day has finally come, folks. Google and Motorola are now wed in holy matrimony… or something like that. The .5 billion deal that has Google acquiring Motorola Mobility has been closed. It’s a deal that took the two parties a little bit over a year to complete due to standard antitrust investigations and other regulatory processes for major acquisitions.

There was little doubt that Google and Motorola would be able to get through this, though China’s lengthy investigation and negotiations delayed the timeline just a tad. Google and the Chinese government eventually reached an agreement that would ensure Google would keep Android open to any licensees for at least five years to ensure Motorola isn’t given special treatment.

The impact of this deal won’t be immediate. Aside from potential layoffs in the near future, Google and Motorola Mobility have maintained that the latter would continue to operate as a standalone entity. One thing caught my eye in the initial press release, though.

New Motorola Mobility CEO Dennis Woodside stated they would focus their skill on fewer and bigger bets, meaning we should see a multiple less mid-range and entry-level smartphones compared to what we saw in 2010 and the early parts of 2011. This new focus has already been mirrored on store shelves, particularly on Verizon and Sprint, and numerous other carriers in North America and Europe.

But for now, Google has Motorola and they have the single biggest thing that they wanted the deal for: Motorola’s colossal stack of wireless patents that Google will no doubt use to protect Android from the hungry eagles of today’s ecosystem. Read on for full press details.

Google Acquires Motorola Mobility

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., May 22, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Google Inc. (NASDAQ: GOOG) announced today that the acquisition of Motorola Mobility Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: MMI) has closed, with Google acquiring MMI for .00 per share in cash.

The acquisition will enable Google to

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