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Today, Maps was updated to version 6.7 in the Play Store and integrates Google Offers inside the Maps app. adds the new features to see obtainable Google Offers in your area, straight from within the Maps app. Clicking on Maps dropdown menu inside the app pulls up a list of all nearby accessible Offers in your area, and you can even switch to map view and see exactly where each of them are situated. See something you like? You can either redeem the Offer and that time, or save for later — the choice is up to you. And, if you like, you can even opt-in to receive notifications whenever there are offers nearby.

Also added was their all new indoor walking directions for businesses that have provided Google with their floor plans. Now, you’ll never find yourself lost inside a new mall, always knowing exactly how to get to Cinnabon in the shortest amount of time (still waiting on turn-by-turn indoor navigation).

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