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Over the last 15 years or more, we have seen a sea-change in the use of computers and increasing potential of the fantastic internet. Gone are the days of paid email facilities. We determine more from the ever expanding web and advancing technology ordinary. A multiple of good things now come free. With the advent of Cloud Computing, online storage space on multiple virtual servers is being offered free by versatile providers to the millions of internet users. Here we bring some of the good ones.

1. iCloud


iCloud is the cloud storage and cloud computing service offered by Apple Inc. Users of iOS and Mac get the first 5GB free. It’s actually for backing up your iTunes purchases like music, e-books, videos, etc. Files can be downloaded to computers running OSX or Microsoft Windows. iCloud replaces the Mobile Me services. There are 125 million users of it as of 2012.

2. Amazon Cloud Drive

Amazon Cloud Drive

Customers with an Amazon account get with it a 5GB online storage space for free. Amazon is also a leading service provider in enterprise cloud computing besides being a world leader in e-commerce. Yet Cloud Drive does not give desktop clients for users and they have to use the browser to sync and backup as it cannot be made automatic. Fortunately a third party software application called Gladinet can be used as the desktop client to access Cloud Drive of Amazon.

3. SkyDrive


SkyDrive provided by Microsoft offers through Windows Live Mesh a 5GB cloud storage space to you for free. You can backup and sync your computer files through your Windows operating computer. Using Windows you can avail multiple languages on Live Mesh. Access files from anywhere, share them with others, process together online or fetch from your PC at house.


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