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Not content with simply offering up console titles for rent via their online webstore, GameFly — the Netflix of video games — is diving headfirst into the mobile world this fall. GF announced today an all new publishing arm similar to Gameloft that will not only publish Android apps, but will also help aid struggling developers in demand of extra funding to get their games up and running on Android devices.

Also on menu is the GameFly GameStore, a stand-alone app store similar to the Amazon Appstore, but with games specifically curated by the GF team. This gives not only another way for the corporation to highlight their own published titles, but will also give social features and highlight deals specific to the GameStore. Amazon and Gameloft better watch out. Gamefly’s coming in cute this year. You can read all the details in the press release below.

GameFly To Publish Mobile Games For iOS And Android Platforms And Launch GameFly GameStore For Android

LOS ANGELES, May 23, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — GameFly, Inc., the leading video game service, announced today its plans to begin publishing mobile games for the iOS and Android platforms, as well as launching the independent GameFly GameStore for Android later this fall. Continuing its foray into digital initiatives, the corporation has set aside a game development fund to process with mobile developers that are in the process of making a great game, but demand the extra resources to publish and promote their titles. GameFly will also expand its mission to be the top resource for all gaming demands, offering expertly curated Android games in the GameFly GameStore with thousands of the best games and daily deals. With its large social network for gamers, game discovery will also be made easier via friend recommendations, and ratings and reviews from fellow gamers.

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