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The cloud gaming space is about to get a little more crowded with new comer Gaikai entering into the ring. Backed by none other than Nvidia and their powerful Kepler GPU. Gaikai is the brainchild of gaming mastermind David Perry (of Earth Worm Jim fame) and allows players to game from just about any device with a high speed internet connection and a device capable of streaming HD video. If you thought this sounded a many like Onlive, you’d be right but there’s one small, millisecond difference — latency.

Gaikai looks to get a leg up on the competition thanks to their partnership with Nvidia who will back David Perry’s cloud service with their powerful gaming processor. Nvidia and Gaikai took to the stage today to show off Nvidia’s GeForce Grid GPU on an ASUS Transformer Prime. On Nvidia’s cloud in the sky, the GeForce Grid features 2 Kepler GPU’s with 3,072 CUDA cores, capable of pushing 4.7 teraflops of 3D shader bliss.

To demo the new service and technology, a demo of an upcoming first-pers

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