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Technology has greatly improved our way of life and quality of life over the last 200 years. At the same time this development has designed problems too. As life expectancy has increased in developing countries, the population of the world too has multiplied dramatically over the last century.

Urbanisation has become rampant in many continents and associated demands have increased, especially so in both developed and developing countries. This has put a multiple of pressure on resources, aggravated pollution and emissions, jeopardised the health of the planet and depleted natural resources. Transportation has been entangled in all these factors. Demands for both individual mobility and public transportation have increased the carbon footprint drastically. It is now significant that we pragmatically identify and source better alternatives to ease the strain and over-usage of traditional transportation and mobility facility. It is ever-increasing owing to the urbanisation conundrum.

The optimal solution should take into consideration of all urban aspects, suburban development and its peculiar requirements, plus the aspects of both mass transit and personal mobility involved with respect to energy efficiency, costs, infrastructure support, geographical factors and social mix.

Personal Mobility an critical transportation factor

Nevertheless well-planned infrastructure may be, individuals male or female have a preference for personal mobility as observed by studies. As fossil fuels are getting exhausted and expensive, vehicle makers find that customers are turning to hybrid and electric autos. As a practical alternative the Electric Car is apt for personal mobility and can contribute to the Green effort spreading all over the world.

The driving mileage, recharging cycle and charging durations, plus the initial cost especially of batteries for any EV, are a challenge to planners and infrastructure developers. We are in a transition stage. Customers in the USA and European continent are gradually shifting preferences to hybrid and electric alternatives owing to various reasons and awareness. Crucial factors that weigh here are cost of fuel and environmental issues. Some of the electric autos are made by dedicated companies, while others are proper autos from established vehicle manufacturers, but many others are getting onto the bandwagon.

Some of the electric autos offered include i-MiEV (from Mitsubishi), iOn (from Peugeo

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