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Leap Wireless today announced that it has signed several licensing deals that double the amount of music available to Muve Music customers to approximately 10 million total tracks. The first deal is with CD Baby, which is an online distributor of independent music. The agreement with CD Baby adds approximately four million music tracks to Cricket’s Muve Music service. Leap also announced a similar licensing agreement with TuneCore, another online music distributor. TuneCore’s catalog adds two million tracks to Muve Music, making a total of six million new tracks with today’s deals. Leap said that the catalogs of CD Baby and TuneCore will be added to the Muve Music service over time, and the integration should be complete by the end of the year. Cricket explained that it takes time to RIP the tracks into their codec and add them to their distribution system. Cricket’s Muve Music service has about 600,000 customers who download approximately 300 songs per month.

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