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Google’s acquisition of Motorola has seen a long process since it was first announced last August. The purchase has been given green light by the US and Europe, but China was taking its sweet time considering said acquisition. After a long wait, China has decided to approve said acquisition, but with one condition.

China has asked Google to keep Android free to other manufacturers for at least five years. This is to ensure that Google is not trying to monopolize the Android OS by only allowing Motorola to use the software freely.

Google and Motorola have both stated that there will be no major changes after the acquisition. Both companies will continue to run as they have been, and the primary reason for this acquisition is Motorola’s large patent portfolio. According to Google, these patents will aid the Search Colossal in protecting Android and its manufacturers from the patent wars.

With this victory, Google is now able to finalize the deal and it is expected to be closed next week. Only time will tell what changes we might see, but let’s hope good conclusions come out of this acquisition.

[Source: The Wall Street Journal Via: The Verge]

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