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The Big Bang of data has set the next stage of the info revolution or evolution. Big data management becomes critical as it focuses on harvesting data which are both structured and unstructured. It has transformed the way businesses operate today. More than data stored offline, more terabytes are generated and stored online in a highly networked environment. The technology to process and synthesise data is swift evolving and promising.

Big Data

Business Opportunity fall-out of Big Data

Research by McKinsey Worldwide Institute and McKinsey’s Business Technology Office predict a numerous-fold exponential growth in data. It will usher in unprecedented business and IT transformation with security too as major area of opportunity.

A 11% increase in revenue is seen by the technology corporation EMC. They operate in the business of security, cloud and big data.

Splunk, a corporation for data analytics, has seen its shares jumping up as investor interest in Big Data as a business opportunity has spread.

Splunk has reportedly gained customers in nearly 75 countries, totalling more than 3,700. Customers use Splunk’s specialist services to harness info from their gigantic generated data storage.

Areas seen prospective are application management, business analytics, IT operations, cyber security, compliance and web intelligence. Data generated is an crucial factor of production in addition to labour and capital.

The technology corporation IBM offers unique enterprise class data platforms to address the full spectrum of dig data business challenges. A big data platform will help to tackle problems existing but previously not resolved.

As more companies offer cloud services, proliferation of machine generated data is on. An opportunity arises for new infrastructure, for businesses and IT specialists, as colossal machine generated data is most valuable, mo

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