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We may have our first casualty in the wake of the Samsung Galaxy S3. AT&T has been going full steam ahead with Samsung in 2012, offering a gigantic range of Samsung devices in their Android lineup, one of which will never see the light of day. It looks like the Samsung Galaxy S2 HD has now been cancelled. The Verge got the scoop today from Samsung’s Ryan Bidan, who told them the phone was no longer relevant in light of the Galaxy S3 announcement.

More of a “Lucy” type Galaxy device, the Skyrocket HD could be seen as the missing link between a Galaxy S2, and Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S3. The device boasted a 4.65-inch HD display that was a little too close to the Galaxy S3′s 4.8-inch HD. Couple that with the Skyrocket HD’s dual-core Qualcomm processor and the Galaxy S3′s likely Qualcomm S4 processor, and you can see how some consumers would be confused.

Still no word on which carrier will be the first to offer the Samsung Galaxy S3 but if I had to bet, I’d go with AT&T. Well, that or a simultaneous Sprint, T-Mobile, AT&T release like with the GS2.

Am I the only one that prefers the aluminum look of the Skyrocket HD over the GS3? What a shame…

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