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The ASUS Padfone is arguably the most clever device of CES (it even got a price for it). Just how far will it get, though? ASUS has definitely managed to build a great reputation for itself, in the Android neighborhood. But if you aren’t already anticipating this release, ASUS is hoping to change that with the latest demo video, which displays all the astounding features the smartphone/tablet/netbook gives.

All in all, the device seems to offer some great functionality and unified ecosystem. The fact that is is manufactured by ASUS also means that it will probably be getting updates in a very timely fashion. Something that has become a giant deciding factor when choosing an Android device.

We still do not know if/when this device will hit the US, but it is nearing its Worldwide launch. If you would like us to send you a notification when it goes live, don’t forget to sign up for it in our Phone Guide. But tell us, are you hoping to get your hands all over one of these?

[Via: Android Police]

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