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A few days ago, Angry Birds creator, Rovio, uploaded a video onto their YouTube page celebrating over 1 billion downloads accumulated across their entire Angry Birds franchise. At the end of said video, the Finnish developers also teased their next title, showing a boy with complex contraptions along the wall of hellos room. If you were expecting more high-flying fowl, you may be disappointed. It turns out that Rovio is working on a totally new game, sans birds of any kind.

Dubbed “Surprising Alex,” the game closely resembles the Rub Goldberg-style gameplay of another game called “Casey’s Contraptions” — an intellectual property Rovio recently ordered. In that game, players build contraptions (ala Apparatus in the Play Store) and attempt to complete various tasks like getting a ball from point A, to point B. Sounds easy enough, right? Wrong. For a good idea of what to expect from Incredible Alex, check out the video from the now App Store-pulled, Casey’s Contraptions below.

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