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In a move I would have expected to see Google jump on first, it looks like the other Google (Amazon) is attempting to make back some of that money they’re losing on every Kindle Fire sold by selling “prime” location ad space on their 7-inch tablets. For a measly 0,000, you too can advertise your latest rap album, product, or service, directly from the Kindle Fire’s welcome screen. The half a mil reportedly gets you 2 full months of ad time, with your ad showing up on every boot, adding to the “sponsored screensaver” ads that appear whenever the device shuts down.

There are a few complications, nevertheless. Advertisers aren’t totally sold on this new opportunity, and Amazon isn’t quite sure how they’re going to implement this new… “feature.” Apparently, they are still undecided if they will add it to current Kindle Fires, or just in future ad-supported models. There’s also the potential of upsetting current customers who wouldn’t exactly be pleased to find ads popping up out of nowhere on their once ad-free device.

What do you guys think? Would having ads pop up on your tablet justify a heavily discounted tablet? Think Google should implement something similar to drive down the price on their rumored 0 quad-core tabbie?

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